The church in Birmingham, UK warmly welcomes you. We are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ who have personally received Him as our Savior. He is the most excellent and enjoyable Person. We love Him and endeavor to give Him the first place in all things. We rejoice to be cleansed by the blood of Jesus, God’s Son, born again of the Father’s divine life, and filled with the Holy Spirit.

We highly treasure the Holy Bible as God’s revelation of Himself and of His eternal purpose. We hold the common faith which is revealed in the Bible and is common to all genuine believers.

As is true of all believers in Christ, we are members of His one Body, the church. In order to practice the oneness of the Body with all the Christians in Birmingham, we meet as the church in Birmingham. We are in fellowship with over 2,000 local churches worldwide to express the one Body of Christ.

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“Messages Given by Brother Joe and Brother Simpson on the Subject of Prayer and The Lord’s Move”

From Thanksgiving Conference Message in Birmingham, posted by The Church in Birmingham on 12/09/2012 (11 items)

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Love Feast in Coventry!

Love feast in Coventry at the Corner Cottage with the Coventry Saints…

From Love Feast in Coventry with the Coventry Saints, posted by The Church in Birmingham on 11/04/2012 (22 items)

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The saints from The Church in Birmingham blending with the saints in Nottingham…

From Blending with the Saints in Nottingham, posted by on 10/16/2012 (71 items)

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This is a reminder that we are having a conference for the young people in secondary school education (Year 7-13) on the weekend of October 5th to October 7th at Bower House, London.

The title of the conference will be A Normal Fruit-Bearing Life. 

The first meeting will be on Friday night at 8pm. A light dinner and registration from 6pm will be provided on Friday evening before the meeting. The Conference will end with lunch provided on the Lord’s Day.

There will be a fee of £25 for the weekend for those who register before September 25th. After this date the price will increase to £35.The fee will cover the cost of accommodation, food, activities and outlines for the weekend but not bedding (see below).

We hope that the sending localities will also send serving saints to accompany their young people and every three young people should have one serving one.

Form more information and registration, please log onto www.ukypwork.org

The YP conference registration team

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Excerpt from the Life Study of John – Chapter 25

A House of Feasting

In chapter eleven the Lord raised Lazarus from the dead. That resurrection issued in the church life. We all were dead persons. Then the Lord came in to resurrect us. After He resurrected us, we became the church. Thus, in chapter eleven we see Lazarus resurrected and in chapter twelve we see that the resurrected person becomes the very place where the Lord can find rest and satisfaction. This is the church. Now we need to consider the church as the house of feasting.

Outside of Religion

This house of feasting is outside of religion. It was not in Jerusalem, the holy city, or in the holy temple. It was in a little house in Bethany, outside of Jerusalem and outside of religion.

The Lord being life to people to meet all of their needs brought about His rejection by the Jewish religion. Judaism could not tolerate seeing the Lord being life to so many kinds of people. So the religious ones rejected the Lord as life. This rejection began in chapter five (vv. 16, 18) and reached its climax in chapter ten (vv. 31, 39). In chapter eleven the Jewish religionists even held a council on how to put the Lord to death because He had raised Lazarus from the dead (11:53, 57). The Jewish leaders also plotted to put Lazarus to death for the same reason (12:10). This shows how much religion is against the Lord as life. It not only persecuted the Lord, but also tried to destroy those who participated in the Lord as life. Religion always renounces and rejects the Lord as life.

As we study the Gospel of John, we must see the difference between religion and Christ as life. The Lord Jesus came to earth in His incarnation not to be a religious leader but to come into man and to be man’s life. From the first case of regeneration in chapter three to the last case of resurrection in chapter eleven, all that the Lord did was to present Himself as life to people outside of the Jewish religion. If we look at religion, including Christianity, from a viewpoint other than that of life, we shall be easily cheated and misled, for religion teaches people how to know God and worship Him. It even teaches the Bible. It seems that there is nothing bad about it. However, if the Lord has mercy on us and if His Spirit opens our eyes, we shall see that what God is doing in the universe is not merely to make people worship Him or serve Him. In this age God’s desire and intention is to come into man in the Son, by His Spirit, and through His Word to be man’s life that man might live by Him. This is absolutely different from religion and altogether contrary to the religious concept.

When the Lord came as life to man, He was rejected by the Jewish religion. Throughout all the succeeding centuries, He has been continually rejected by religion. Whether that religion is Catholicism or Protestantism, as long as it is a religion it will not and cannot purely take the Lord as life. In this matter of taking the Lord as life, both the religion of Catholicism and the religion of Protestantism have been great frustrations to people, just as the religion of Judaism was in the Lord’s time and still is today. Therefore, we must be aware and alert concerning any kind of religion. If not, we might be led astray.

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Email from Amana Trust


We are now receiving applications for the Autumn One-week Trainings. There will be four sessions in November beginning on 29th October, 5th November, 19th November, and 26th November 2012. The content for each session in the Autumn will be somewhat different from the previous one-week trainings. The overall theme of both will be “The Four Great Pillars in the Lord’s Recovery: Truth, Life, the Church, and the Gospel”.  In light of the wonderful work the Lord has been doing with the distribution of the New Testament Recovery Version, these trainings will have some emphasis on Bible distribution as a means of preaching the gospel and the shepherding of the Bible recipients.

These training sessions can be profitable both to all the saints in the church life throughout Europe as well as their new ones they are caring for. Therefore, we encourage you to regularly announce this opportunity to the saints in your locality.  Additionally, the saints may need some help in their vision of the need for training and in how to practically plan their time and holidays so that they can come.  Some may need your practical help with their applications or purchasing tickets.  Please pass on the information to encourage the saints in your locality for these forthcoming sessions.

§ For the Introductory Application Letter to give to the saints, click here.

§ For the online Application Form, click here. This form can also be downloaded, printed out, and handed to the saints for them to fill out and returned to Bower House, Orange Tree Hill, Romford, RM4 1PB.

§ For the instructions on how the saints should travel to Bower House click here.

If you have any questions, please contact us through trainings@amanatrust.org.uk.

Much grace to you all,

Those serving with Amana Trust

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The saints from The Church in Birmingham distributing free study bibles and Christian books down in London at the Olympics…

From Olympics Bible Distribution, posted by on 9/01/2012 (7 items)

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